Enjoy the Different Annual Events in Ohio State

Ohio State is one of the excellent places in the United States that assure countless of opportunities for people who want to stay or visit here. Just like its own amusement and tourism industry, this place is continuously grabbing the interest of millions of visitors across American and worldwide.

The local government truly handles a whole bunch of attractions within the state. Because of this, people who come here can appreciate the different events in every county of Ohio.

Surely, there are several remarkable annual events in this state, especially on the month of February. Most of the scheduled events are excellent for people who love to experience a perfect weekend or long-week vacation.

Here are some of the most interesting events in Ohio:

Cabin Fever Arts Festival

If you visit Sardinia, you can join the celebration of the Cabin Fever Arts Festival. This particular festival features the best artistic works and showcasing the craftsmanship from the Appalachian Artisans Guild as well as from the chosen guest artists. Every year, people who are visiting the venue can discover the available for sale souvenirs items, artworks such as fixtures, stained glasses and ceramics, among others. Of course, there are also offered traditional Appalachian food choices and music performances.

Ice Festival

If you choose to visit Medina in Ohio, the annual Ice Festival is another fever celebration. People who live here have a small community of which they recognize as the “Norman Rockwell” and this is where they display the stunning ice sculptures and carving. Every year, there are registered participants who compete for the annual competitions and the organizers have prepared awards for the winners. Aside from this, there are likewise designated shops for visiting people and food kiosks to satisfy their craving. The historic town square of Medina is the official venue each year.

Dead Of Winter

When visiting Canal Fulton, you can experience an annual event here known as the Dead of Winter. However, tourists who come to celebrate need to prepare themselves for the opportunity to dine inside a century-old structure. According to history, they once used this structure as a mortuary and a saloon many years ago. People who already experienced this place revealed about the unusual paranormal activities and psychic mediums. If you are keen to ghost-hunting, there are individuals here who provide tips about the equipment and experience hunting for a ghost in the basement.

Orchid Mania

The Orchid Mania is also an annual event in part of Cleveland and it highlights the most colorful and exotic plants in the world. This is actually a 5-week celebration and has connection with the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. With the different available exotic colorful plant, scents and shapes, people who come to join this event will surely appreciate the Mother Nature. About the floral arrangement, there are invited expert flower designers who are willing to share their skills to those interested visitors in the venue.

Keep in mind that these mentioned events are only few of the best when visiting the state of Ohio. Definitely, this beautiful place has a lot to offer its thousands or millions of tourists who are enjoying their stay here.



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